Project Funding

Production of this book was funded by a National Science Foundation grant, as part of the broader outreach component of Seth John and Mak Saito's proposal for the 2015 Arctic GEOTRACES cruise.


Book Proceeds

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be split between the following three non-profit organizations:

1. Falmouth STEM Boosters. This organization funds grants to support STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education in the public schools of Falmouth, MA.

2. Save Our Shores. This advocacy group leads efforts to protect and preserve the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

3. USC Math, Science and Technology (MaST) High School. The MaST High School is a public magnet high school serving a diverse array of students from across Los Angeles.

In addition, a percentage of sales will be used to print a second round of books, which will be donated to public libraries. Our goal is to donate at least 70 books to libraries.

The authors are not profiting from the sale of this book.


About the Authors

Katlin Bowman grew up near Youngstown, Ohio and received her Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Wright State University in 2014. She is currently an oceanographer at the University of California in Santa Cruz and enjoys writing about science and exploration in her free time.

Elizabeth Saito is a librarian and freelance writer. This is her third book for children. She is married to chemical oceanographer Mak Saito. They live with their two boys in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.



If you have any questions about the book or your order, please email